What Does Your Tomorrow Look Like?


Not an easy question to answer.

Yesterday, you didn’t know what today would bring. Yet every day, we make decisions—choices—that will make our tomorrows better, worse, or leave them exactly the same.

Much of the way we influence our future is based on how we think about the past.

Some people live in the moment, seemingly carefree and focused only on their immediate surroundings and experiences. For these folks, the past is a few photographs, an anniversary date they hope they won’t forget, and an updated resume for their next employer.

A large part of the population lives in the past, continually resurrecting memories in an attempt to rewrite unpleasant or disappointing situations, to place blame on others, or to justify their current circumstances—especially when life falls short of the perfection and success they had hoped it would be.

Then there are those who look ahead with optimism, grateful their past has bestowed them with experiences and knowledge that make it easier to conceive and design a future that brings them satisfaction, purpose, and happiness.

Which window into the past serves you best? Will your tomorrow be plagued with needless regrets, or filled with the opportunity to create a better you?

Keep it healthy,


Jill Reid
Pathway to Personal Growth