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There’s a good chance you’ve been avoiding it, maybe for a long time. I sure did. But sooner or later, we all come to realize the truth: The foundation of a healthy lifestyle begins with what we feed ourselves.

Without nourishment from whole, natural foods, we not only deprive our body of energy, strength, and stamina, we often force our system into processing all sorts of bad things that Big Foodie—the corporate food machine that fills our grocery stores with preservatives, fillers, chemical additives, steroids, and hormones—hopes we’ll continue to buy and consume.

The result? We struggle with all sorts of problems including digestion issues, weight, mental alertness, heart disease, diabetes, aging skin, and just about every aspect of our health and appearance.

Here’s the good news: You get to choose what you eat. And that choice can make all the difference in the way you look, how you feel, and how you experience life.

Before we begin, I want to assure you I’m not going to take a “bootcamp whip-your-ass-into-shape” approach or dispense a heavy dose of “tough love.”

That’s not my way.

I’ve tried the “starve yourself” skinny diets. And at one time, I believed I had to replace all the foods I really enjoyed with a bland, tasteless diet.

It didn’t work.

That’s why I believe in changing just one small thing at a time. I know personally how making minor adjustments in our eating choices can have major results. And as we continue to improve the quality of the food we eat—by choosing better, nutritious ingredients and preparing them in the healthiest way possible—those results begin to multiply.

Don’t worry about not having the willpower or control to make a “clean sweep” of your current diet. Remember, we’re going to start small by substituting healthy ingredients for unhealthy ones, a little at a time. For example, switching to natural sweeteners like organic unfiltered honey and organic stevia will keep your sugar monster at bay, while more than satisfying your sweet tooth.

Let’s get started! There are two things I’m going to ask you do every time you go to the grocery store.

picture of woman reading food label jelly and jam labels food store grocery kitchen spirit update jill reid its time to face the dangers lurking in your kitchen paleo whole30 gluten-free healthy food healthy food choices eat clean eat healthyRead more! Pick up every item, and before you put it your cart, examine the ingredient list. Read the label and discover what’s actually in the food you’re currently eating. Most of us will do a quick check of calorie and fat content, but I want you to look for things like high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and excessive amounts of sodium or sugars.  If the food you’re eating contains these or other harmful ingredients, eliminate them from your shopping list.

This takes a few extra minutes, but trust me–it’s really important. What’s on the label is in the food. If you eat the food, it goes into your body. And it stays there, to wreak havoc with your health until your system finally breaks down with signs of aging, excess weight, and disease. There’s no way around this truth.

picture of two food fans unhealthy food food on sale poor food choice kitchen spirit jill reid kitchen spirit updateChoose foods based on quality, not price. Refuse to be swayed by the 2-cans-for-1 sale on items you shouldn’t eat. Temptations exist in many forms, but saving money by buying what’s on sale or in bulk quantities is the worst excuse for eating the wrong kind of food, especially food tainted with fillers, preservatives, and chemical by-products.

If the 2-for-1 item is healthy and natural, then by all means buy it. But saving fifty percent on a box of frozen fried chicken wings or calorie-laden salad dressings will cost you in the long-term. Don’t punish your body in order to save a few dollars at the cash register.

In my next post, I’ll confront the enemy head on . . .

In Part 2, I’ll identity the top three health risks lurking in your kitchen pantry, and how to stop them from causing any more damage. In fact, this upcoming post may be the most important you’ll read on this site. If you want me to shoot you an email when it’s up, provide your email address using the subscribe button.

Until then, remember to eat healthy!

Jill Reid