Real Life

We breathe, we sleep, We eat …And in-between, We Live

What’s holding you back from living a real life?

As we face the typical challenges and struggles of getting through the day, our focus often becomes blurred, the result of an overwhelming schedule and the constant requirement to respond to the needs of others.

Real Life opens the door of possibility, and the opportunity to break through the layers of distaction that prevent us from recognizing our true spirit – that force which compels us to become better, stronger, and more optimistic about living our lives to our true potential.

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Life in Small Doses

Because Sometimes, That’s All We Can Handle

Perhaps you’ve known for a while that something is missing. And instead of pursuing life’s opportunities, you’ve been standing on the sidelines watching the days, months, and years go by without fully participating in the things that make you happy and fulfilled—the things that make life worth living.

As a result, doubt and fear have left you feeling empty, anxious, and depressed. Maybe you’ve been denying your true feelings, even blaming others for your lack of motivation and progress. After all, that’s what everyone else does and you don’t hear them complaining.

But you’re not like everyone else. Instead of choosing to remain stuck in an unrewarding life, you’ve decided to take that first step—the one that takes you off the crowded streets of mediocrity, frustration, and regret and moves you toward a life of reward and fulfillment.

And that’s where this journal comes in. Life in Small Doses, on its own, can be used to help clarify your thoughts and offer a few guidelines in making positive changes in your life.

In addition, this journal was intentionally designed as a reference and companion guide to the stories in Real Life: We breathe, We sleep, We eat … And in-between, We Live, available from Amazon in eBook and paperback.

Together,  Life in Small Doses and Real Life will provide you with the greatest impact in motivating and supporting your efforts toward personal growth and self-improvement.

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In this second book in the Real Life series, you’ll discover the reasons behind your self-doubt and lack of confidence. You’ll read stories with examples and suggestions of how to overcome fear and negativity and, hopefully, you’ll find a few answers to help guide you in the search for your personal truth.

The signs of positivity and optimism are all around us –  if we’re ready to recognize them. Whether in the form of an unexpected opportunity, a potential new relationship, or strengthening the bond with someone you already know, embracing the power of being your authentic self will result in a more genuine and rewarding journey to living a fulfilling life.

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