Self Talk – How To Turn The Conversation In Your Head Into Your Personal Cheerleader


We do it every day, all day long — self-talk, that private conversation we have with ourselves. It’s going on in our heads around the clock. And occasionally, when our inner voice is determined to be heard, we actually say what we’re thinking, out loud.

Sometimes the chat we have with ourselves takes on the form of a rehearsal:

“No, sorry, I’m not available. You’ll have to find someone else.” That’s what I should have said. I have to stop being such a pushover . . .

“The next time she’s late, I’m going to remind her it’s becoming a habit. It’s really creating a problem.”

Other times, we’re busy processing, reviewing what we said versus what we were thinking, or replaying what we heard someone else say, trying to derive the real meaning.

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Jill Reid
Pathway to Personal Growth