Making It Count


The next time you’re tempted to treat yourself by eating a sugar or fat-laden snack, take a look at the label and figure out how many calories you’ll be adding to your daily count. Then determine how long it will take you to work that off.

Do the math.

If you’re adding extra calories and don’t have time to extend your workout or add another mile or two to your day, well, you know what to do with that snack.

But what if you had a really great workout and burned more calories than usual? Consider paying the gain forward. The result? A positive step toward reaching your goals, rather than reducing your progress by gobbling up empty calories.

Admittedly, ignoring the devil on your shoulder—that pesky voice insisting you deserve a little something special and a few more calories won’t make a difference—isn’t easy.

So ask yourself a question: Which is more important, eating extra calories to satisfy a temporary craving, or getting real about your weight goals and making choices that will get you there faster.

Calories, especially empty ones, are rarely worth the temptation.

Making it count—whether it’s calories or time—is up to you.

Keep it healthy,





Jill Reid
Kitchen Spirit