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How To Avoid The Guilt Trap And Become a Healthier, Happier You

There are plenty of excuses for not making healthy lifestyle choices. You've probably used a few of them yourself. We all have. Our natural instinct is to resist any suggestion that could disrupt our deeply-entrenched routines. So we cling to our biases and excuses like a shield, deflecting change - good or bad - that could intrude on our comfort zones.

Inspiration Is Personal

My husband and I had dinner with friends last week - the kind of friends who open their hearts when they open their arms. We've known this couple for over nine years, meeting by chance when they returned our friendly wave with smiles as they walked past us on a beautiful Caribbean beach.

Break Through the Seductive Trap of Procrastination

"When the time is right, I'll know it." How often have you heard those words, or said them yourself? The reality is, time is a tricky bastard - because it doesn't always work in our favor.

Do As I Say, Ignore What I'm Doing

"Do as I say, not as I do." It's a common phrase. Children hear it from their parents and elders. Typically used to curtail inappropriate behavior, this mantra of youth was stamped into our subconscious in an attempt to train our young minds and instill obedience.

My Best Friend Taught Me That Life Is Too Short For Regrets

"Don't become one of those people, " she warned, drawing her lips into a mock smile. "It's funny how differently some people treat me now, thinking they might bruise me with the wrong words. So they talk a little slower, choosing what they say very carefully."

How We Live Our Lives Comes Down To One Simple Truth: It's All A Matter of Choice

I was reading a business article a couple of weeks ago, and I noticed the writer using the phrase, "being comfortable in your own skin." I wondered why such a widely-read business author would use such a trite and overused metaphor.