For Better or Worse


Every day you make a choice. The result will make your health better . . . or worse.

Ignoring the ingredients in a candy bar or box of crackers doesn’t make it any less harmful to your body. And believing those extra calories, sugar, or fat won’t affect you doesn’t make it true.

Moments of weakness happen. Too many of them will add up.

The number one reason sugar and calorie-dense foods end up in our homes is because they’re convenient. It’s much easier to keep temptation under control by making the decision to eat smart. How to start?  Here’s a simple, three-step process:

1. Keep a truthful list of what you eat every day. Post your intake in a conspicuous place—on your refrigerator door, on your phone, tablet, or computer, or tape the list to a pantry shelf. Every time you eat or drink something, write it down. Include calories, sugar, and fat consumed (remember to check the serving size) and be honest.

2. Defend yourself against snack attacks. Before you grab an unhealthy option, drink a glass of filtered water first. It’s your best friend to curb hunger and stay hydrated.

3. Make your own snacks and control the ingredients. Having healthy food within reach is the perfect alternative to junk food, and it’s easy to do. Here are a few Kitchen Spirit recipes to get you started:

Roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds
Paleo Granola
Apple Blueberry Bundt Cake

Fresh, organic fruit and vegetables also make an excellent snack, or you can serve them as an appetizer to reduce your hunger before a main meal. Just cut into nibble-size pieces and store in portioned containers for a quick grab-and-go substitute for candy, chips, and crackers. If you enjoy your veggies with a dip, add a side of Kitchen Spirit Creamy Ranch or Avocado and White Bean Dip to round out this healthy option.

Eating the right foods is an important factor to a longer, healthier life. Don’t wait until declining health requires you to change your diet. Do it now and enjoy the benefits immediately. It’s as simple as saying “Yes” to a stronger, better you!