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How we take care of our bodies is as important as the food we eat. To live a longer, stronger life, it’s important to maintain our physical and mental health, and commit to the steps necessary to insure our overall well-being. Here are a few articles, tips, and suggestions to help you get and stay healthy, look and feel younger, and increase your energy and stamina.

Short on time? Try these quick, simple, and easy-to-follow fitness videos and exercises you can do at home or in your favorite gym

Weighted Power Squats

Smith Machine Leg Press

Single Leg Press

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Welcome to Kitchen Spirit!

Welcome to Kitchen Spirit!

Jill  Reid | Kitchen Spirit Welcome to Kitchen Spirit!  Thank you for visiting Kitchen Spirit, a place dedicated to better living through healthy food and positive lifestyle options. Kitchen Spirit is all about choice, from the foods and ingredients we select for our...

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jill reid kitchen spirit founder and curator of kitchen spirit health and fitness websiteJill Reid is the founder of  Kitchen Spirit and Pathway to Personal Growth  featuring tips & strategies on healthy eating, fitness & exercise, and articles for living longer and stronger through positive lifestyle choices.

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