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How we take care of our bodies is as important as the food we eat. To live a longer, stronger life, it’s important to maintain our physical and mental health, and commit to the steps necessary to insure our overall well-being. Here are a few articles, tips, and suggestions to help you get and stay healthy, look and feel younger, and increase your energy and stamina.

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Fitness & Health Articles

Thinking of Taking A Trip This Summer?

A few years ago, my husband and I took an extended vacation to the West coast. Since we live in a tropical climate, our suitcases were jammed with cold weather wear we’d retrieved from the attic—and a previous life. After spending two unplanned nights in a Portland hotel waiting for our luggage to catch up to us, our bags finally arrived and we were able to continue our trip via rental car. (Fair warning: Traveling by air from the east coast to the west can involve several layovers, any one of which may result in one or more pieces of your luggage taking a few side trips along the way.)

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For Better or Worse

Every day you make a choice. The result will make your health better . . . or worse. Ignoring the ingredients in a candy bar or box of crackers doesn’t make it any less harmful to your body. And believing those extra calories, sugar, or fat won’t affect you doesn’t make it true. Moments of weakness happen. Too many of them will add up …

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Avoiding the Guilt Trap

There are plenty of excuses for not making healthy lifestyle choices. You’ve probably used a few of them yourself—we all have. Our natural instinct is to resist any suggestion that could disrupt our deeply-entrenched routines. So we cling to our biases and excuses like a shield, deflecting change – good or bad – that could intrude on our comfort zones. Do any of these sound familiar?

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Distraction is the Ultimate Timewaster

You’ve made up your mind: Today is going to be different. This is the day you’ll begin focusing on the important priorities, the ones you never seem to have time to take care of. So you organize your schedule, plan a menu for the week, make a grocery list, pack your gym bag, and then. . .

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Do It – Because It Is Hard

Words most of us find difficult to live by.

Why? Because more often than not, the alternative is so much easier. It doesn’t take as much effort. We can coast along through life, avoiding a lot of the difficult challenges and problems. It’s an easy choice to make, especially with others encouraging us to follow the crowd like, to fall in line and simply do what we’re told. No effort, no thinking, no decisions. Just follow the leader like lemmings to the sea, and let someone else deal with the hard stuff.

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The Road Ahead Is Not Behind You

When I was 13, it seemed like an eternity until I’d be old enough to get a drivers license. Time moved much slower back then (at least to me), and the next three years crawled by as I waited for that magical sixteenth birthday that would finally put me behind the wheel …

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Grocery Shopping Isn’t For the Weak

Fair Warning: Some of you may not like this post, but I’m hoping you’ll read the entire article first and consider the importance of what you eat and how it can impact your health—and then decide. My husband and I just returned from the local grocery store. We don’t usually go to this particular one, but I needed a few fresh veggies to round out the stir-fry I had planned for dinner.

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Baby Steps to Health and Fitness

Everyone thinks getting healthy is hard to do. I asked a few friends to tell me what comes to mind when they read a fitness or exercise article about improving their overall health. Most of the time, they say it seems overwhelming, because they’d have to change everything …

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Do As I Say (Ignore What I’m Doing)

It’s a common phrase. Children hear it from their parents and elders. “Do as I say, not as I do.” Typically used to curtail inappropriate behavior, this mantra of youth was stamped into our subconscious in an attempt to train our young minds and instill obedience.
But some of us wondered why there were two sets of rules, especially when they seemed to be determined solely by age . . . “I’m older, I know better. So do as I say.”

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