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How we take care of our bodies is as important as the food we eat. To live a longer, stronger life, it’s important to maintain our physical and mental health, and commit to the steps necessary to insure our overall well-being. Here are a few articles, tips, and suggestions to help you get and stay healthy, look and feel younger, and increase your energy and stamina.

Short on time? Try these quick, simple, and easy-to-follow fitness videos and exercises you can do at home or in your favorite gym

Weighted Power Squats

Smith Machine Leg Press

Single Leg Press

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Too Lazy to Exercise? Try These 5 Warm-up Tips to Get Your Motor Running

My husband and I occasionally work out in a gym. All too often, I'll notice other members arrive and quickly grab heavy weights, or head to a machine, or jump into a cardio class - full steam ahead. Typically, they're soon out of breath, exhausted, and unable to finish their reps or routine.

The Lighter Side of Wearing a Face Mask in Public

Anyone can publish on Medium per our Policies, but we don't fact-check every story. For more info about the coronavirus, see cdc.gov. We're living in serious and uncertain times. Wary, cautious, confused, and more than a little scared, we wake up every day to ever-changing mandates, skewed statistics, and suspicious facts buried beneath mountains of agenda-driven rhetoric.

5 Baby Steps on the Road to Health and Fitness

My personal paradigm had been so well constructed - so set in stone by incongruent habits - that my own belief systems had gone to the dark side. And it wasn't easy to realign my real truth of living a healthy, authentic, and productive existence.

3 Positive Steps in the Journey to Weight Loss

Here are three strategies to consider - that is, if you're ready to take the reins on a longer, stronger life: By being aware of everything that goes into your body, you'll become more attuned to whether you're eating from hunger or a response triggered by circumstance, stress, or boredom.

Still Searching for the Elusive Happiness Code? Here's How to Find it - in Plain Sight

How many of us are still on the hunt for a code to happiness? Surprise! There isn't one ... Certainly, happiness exists. It's a real emotion, and many of us believe it's what we experience when we achieve a milestone, accomplish a goal, or acquire something we've had our heart set on for a long time.

Do It - Because It is Hard

Making the choice   to take the hard road  allows us to realize and appreciate the advantages that come from associating with those who also decided to follow their dreams