Exercise Isn’t A Spectator Sport


people exercising in gymIt happens almost every time I’m in the gym . . .

Someone walks by the window and peeks inside. A few brave souls will even open the door and step inside, glancing around as if looking for someone they know. Inevitably, after a few awkward moments, they turn around and leave.

Here’s the point:  Exercise isn’t a spectator sport. There are no sidelines, no stadium or VIP seating. The gym has a purpose, and those inside it have goals. No matter how much you read about fitness, or talk about it with your friends, or even watch others improving their lives through exercise, if you end up arguing the merits of spending a quiet evening at home, your choice keeps you right where you are.

It’s time to fact facts.

Unless you participate in a regular exercise and fitness strategy, nothing happens. And nothing changes.

Do you need to use gym machines, lift heavy weights, or jog five miles on a treadmill to make it count?

Of course not.

Here’s what does count:  Showing up and starting from where you are.

The commitment is in the action, not the thought. If you show up, you’ve taken the first step in a positive direction. Then take the next step, and go from there . . .

Keep it healthy,




Jill Reid
Kitchen Spirit