Do It – Because It Is Hard


Words most of us find difficult to live by.


Because more often than not, the alternative is so much easier.

It doesn’t take as much effort. We can coast along through life, avoiding a lot of the difficult challenges and problems.

Unfortunately, it’s an easy choice to make, especially with others encouraging us to follow the crowd like, to fall in line and simply do what we’re told.

No effort, no thinking, no decisions. Just follow the leader like lemmings to the sea, and let someone else deal with the hard stuff.

There’s a lot of company on Easy Street. And it makes the hard road truly less traveled.

But those who take it recognize the value—and rewards—of choice, independence, and finding a better way for themselves. They also know the end result is more likely to bring meaning and satisfaction to their lives.

Choosing the hard road means learning the importance of persistence, of not giving up at the first sign of difficulty. Those who take it may stop to rest and recharge, but they keep going, knowing the alternative—giving up—often means looking back on their life with regret, lamenting the choices they made or wishing they had taken action instead of procrastinating until the opportunity had passed them by.

All of us have the opportunity to choose.

We can follow the easy road with the crowd, or travel the hard road with others who refuse to settle for the mediocre, the average, the ordinary.

Taking the hard road allows us to realize the advantages that come from associating with those who also decided to follow their dreams, enjoying the benefit that comes from the truth of association—an enduring success principle from Jim Rohn that states, You become like the five people you most associate with.

It’s never too late to walk a different path.

Simply ask yourself which road carries the most promise for achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. And whose company would you rather have with you as you enjoy the journey?

Do it, because it is hard.