Chutes and Ladders


It was a board game I played with my sisters when we were young, a method to teach us about the progress and unavoidable pitfalls we’d inevitably encounter in our lives—along with the opportunity to learn good sportsmanship. 

Simple enough, each player chose a board piece to travel the curving path on the board, and with a toss of the dice, you moved the board piece to a new location. Where you landed determined if you stayed on the road until the next roll, or ascended a ladder, leap-frogging toward the top, or, worst of all, slid down a chute, losing ground, to once again begin the climb.

As children, leaving our fate to a dice toss seemed like the only option, at least if we continued playing the game.

Staying on track with a healthy diet and exercise plan can feel a lot like Chutes and Ladders—except for one very significant difference.

Your success in staying committed to better health, fitness, and food choices isn’t in the hands of a pair of dice. Each and every day you have a choice to stay where you are, take a step forward, or slip backward in the opposite direction.

Ditch the dice, along with the excuses, and take control of your future. Life’s too short to play games with your health.

Keep it healthy,


Jill Reid
Pathway to Personal Growth