Baby Steps to Health and Fitness


Everyone thinks getting healthy is hard to do.

I asked a few friends to tell me what comes to mind when they read a fitness or exercise article about improving their overall health. Most of the time, they say it seems overwhelming, because they’d have to change everything.

Then they admit to feeling a little guilty about not putting a priority on such an important aspect of their life, wishing they had the motivation, time, and even the courage to start.

I used to be the same way. Then something interesting happened. I took the first step. And what I found was that motivation and time took care of themselves. All I had to do was begin.

Ask yourself this:  What’s the one thing you can do today—a baby step—that will move you out of the “paralysis zone” and make a positive difference in the way you look and feel?

Any one of the following is a great place to start:

Drink filtered water – Ditch plastic and BPA-laden water bottles and invest in a water filter system. Keep a filtered water bottle handy to stay hydrated throughout the day. Click Here to find out why I stopped drinking water from plastic bottles.

Add vegetables to your meals – Buy organic produce whenever possible. Fresh veggies take minutes to prepare. Try steaming or roasting for a delicious, nutritious boost.

Read product labels – If sugar or sugar-related ingredients are in the top three ingredients, put it back on the shelf.

Pre-portion snacks – Divide healthy snacks, like trail mix and cut veggies, into small containers for portion control.

Move more – Find reasons to get moving! Park at the back of the lot, carry groceries in from the car a bag at a time, take short breaks during the day, do some quick stretches or light weight reps. And when you have more time, explore a local park or wilderness area.

The bottom line? Change doesn’t have to be hard, especially when it’s made by choice. The surprising result is that small changes, made over time, turn into habits that eventually become second nature.

The key is to simply start.

Keep it healthy,




Jill Reid
Kitchen Spirit