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Food Storage Solutions – Solved!

We eat a lot of leftovers in our home. When developing most of my recipes, I usually measure the ingredient portions to make enough for future meals, so it’s important to have a healthy way to save and preserve all those extras. After experimenting with other storage options, I soon discovered one size does not fit all …

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Look For the Thorn

We meet them every day—people who are unhappy, unfriendly, rude, and sometimes, downright mean. Approaching others from a perch of arrogance and entitlement, they view life with a dismal perspective, often living a distorted sense of reality. We tend to avoid these unpleasant souls, stepping away from a conversation, leaving the room, or inventing a reason to end a phone call …

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Honey BBQ Chicken Thighs

Finding organic chicken has become much easier to do, with options ranging from breasts, wings, drumsticks, thighs, and whole chickens. Thankfully, there are plenty of healthy recipes available to create delicious, easy meals!

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Sifting Through the Noise

The other day my husband and I were listening to a podcast about transformation. The host and his guest discussed many aspects of how this concept affects our lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There was a lot of ground to cover …

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Banana Peach Ice Cream

Some friends of ours had spent a weekend at the beach. They shared stories of their walks along the shore, snacks in the open air restaurants, and a visit to an ice cream shop for a “sampling” of the 40+ flavors offered. My mouth began to water at the choices …

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The Happiness Code

Surprise! There isn’t one—a code I mean. Certainly, happiness exists. It’s a real emotion, and many of us believe it’s what we experience when we achieve a milestone, accomplish a goal, or acquire something we’ve had our heart set on for a long time.
That’s one kind of happiness—the transitory, fleeting kind. It lasts for a few hours, or days, or even weeks. But that’s not what I’m talking about …

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Seared Tuna Fillets with Cabbage & Beets

They were fresh, beautiful, and just the right size. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, so into my shopping cart they went for dinner.
Here’s my Kitchen Spirit Recipe for Seared Tuna Fillets with Cabbage & Beets – hope you enjoy it!

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Thinking of Taking A Trip This Summer?

A few years ago, my husband and I took an extended vacation to the West coast. Since we live in a tropical climate, our suitcases were jammed with cold weather wear we’d retrieved from the attic—and a previous life. After spending two unplanned nights in a Portland hotel waiting for our luggage to catch up to us, our bags finally arrived and we were able to continue our trip via rental car …

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Chicken Veggie Kabobs

Here’s a simple recipe that makes it easy to add those important veggies in a fun and colorful way. These kabobs are so easy to make and delicious on their own. Add a side of veggie quinoa or serve on a bed of butter lettuce leaves, sprinkle with fresh parsley or basil and enjoy!

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For Better or Worse

Every day you make a choice. The result will make your health better . . . or worse. Ignoring the ingredients in a candy bar or box of crackers doesn’t make it any less harmful to your body. And believing those extra calories, sugar, or fat won’t affect you doesn’t make it true. Moments of weakness happen. Too many of them will add up …

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Avoiding the Guilt Trap

There are plenty of excuses for not making healthy lifestyle choices. You’ve probably used a few of them yourself—we all have. Our natural instinct is to resist any suggestion that could disrupt our deeply-entrenched routines. So we cling to our biases and excuses like a shield, deflecting change – good or bad – that could intrude on our comfort zones. Do any of these sound familiar?

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Lamb Chops with Brussels Sprouts

My husband and I recently returned from a Caribbean cruise. On the way home, we stopped at our local store to restock the fridge. Filling our cart with fresh veggies, fruit, and fish, I thought about one of the best meals I had onboard …

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Distraction is the Ultimate Timewaster

You’ve made up your mind: Today is going to be different. This is the day you’ll begin focusing on the important priorities, the ones you never seem to have time to take care of. So you organize your schedule, plan a menu for the week, make a grocery list, pack your gym bag, and then. . .

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Apple Blueberry Bundt Cake

Try this easy, delicious cake recipe using fresh, organic ingredients and a few staples from your pantry. Takes only a few minutes to prepare, and with baking time, about an hour overall from start to finish …

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Do It – Because It Is Hard

Words most of us find difficult to live by.

Why? Because more often than not, the alternative is so much easier. It doesn’t take as much effort. We can coast along through life, avoiding a lot of the difficult challenges and problems. It’s an easy choice to make, especially with others encouraging us to follow the crowd like, to fall in line and simply do what we’re told. No effort, no thinking, no decisions. Just follow the leader like lemmings to the sea, and let someone else deal with the hard stuff.

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The Road Ahead Is Not Behind You

When I was 13, it seemed like an eternity until I’d be old enough to get a drivers license. Time moved much slower back then (at least to me), and the next three years crawled by as I waited for that magical sixteenth birthday that would finally put me behind the wheel …

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Grocery Shopping Isn’t For the Weak

Fair Warning: Some of you may not like this post, but I’m hoping you’ll read the entire article first and consider the importance of what you eat and how it can impact your health—and then decide. My husband and I just returned from the local grocery store. We don’t usually go to this particular one, but I needed a few fresh veggies to round out the stir-fry I had planned for dinner.

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Stir-Fry Zucchini

This quick and easy stir-fry is the perfect complement to any dinner. Try it on a bed of veggie quinoa, or as a meal on its own! Use ingredients you have on hand (organic, whenever possible) and keep it simple and real …

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Baby Steps to Health and Fitness

Everyone thinks getting healthy is hard to do. I asked a few friends to tell me what comes to mind when they read a fitness or exercise article about improving their overall health. Most of the time, they say it seems overwhelming, because they’d have to change everything …

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Do As I Say (Ignore What I’m Doing)

It’s a common phrase. Children hear it from their parents and elders. “Do as I say, not as I do.” Typically used to curtail inappropriate behavior, this mantra of youth was stamped into our subconscious in an attempt to train our young minds and instill obedience.
But some of us wondered why there were two sets of rules, especially when they seemed to be determined solely by age . . . “I’m older, I know better. So do as I say.”

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Exercise Isn’t A Spectator Sport

It happens almost every time I’m in the gym. Someone walks by the window and peeks inside. A few brave souls will even open the door and step inside, glancing around as if looking for someone they know. Inevitably, after a few awkward moments, they turn around and leave …

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Inspiration is Personal

My husband and I had dinner with friends last week, the kind of friends who open their hearts when they open their arms. We’ve known this couple for over nine years, meeting by chance when they returned our friendly wave with smiles as they walked past us on a beautiful Caribbean beach. Sometimes you just know . . .

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Classic Meat Loaf

No longer a default dinner, meat loaf has risen to the top of the list in healthy meal choices. Using ground organic turkey with organic spices and ingredients, this recipe provides a quick, protein-packed dinner with tons of possibilities …

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Is There Discipline in Chaos?

I ran into a good friend of mine at the store last week. We chatted for a while about her change of hairstyle (spectacular!), an upcoming vacation she was planning, and her new grandson. Then she told me she was headed to a local gym that had just opened. She said she’d started a couple weeks ago, signing up for an exercise program she thought was perfect for her—group classes under the guidance of an instructor who, in her words, “told them exactly what to do.” What she said next surprised me …

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