Baby Steps to Health and Fitness

Everyone thinks getting healthy is hard to do. I asked a few friends to tell me what comes to mind when they read a fitness or exercise article about improving their overall health. Most of the time, they say it seems overwhelming, because they’d have to change everything …

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Exercise Isn’t A Spectator Sport

It happens almost every time I’m in the gym. Someone walks by the window and peeks inside. A few brave souls will even open the door and step inside, glancing around as if looking for someone they know. Inevitably, after a few awkward moments, they turn around and leave …

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Is There Discipline in Chaos?

I ran into a good friend of mine at the store last week. We chatted for a while about her change of hairstyle (spectacular!), an upcoming vacation she was planning, and her new grandson. Then she told me she was headed to a local gym that had just opened …

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Making It Count

The next time you’re tempted to treat yourself by eating a sugar or fat-laden snack, take a look at the label and figure out how many calories you’ll be adding to your daily count. Then determine how long it will take you to work that off. Do the math …

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I’m Excited – It’s Gym Day!

I know what you’re thinking . . . how can a trip to the gym get anyone excited? Several years ago, I was with you on this one. The thought of having to put on workout clothes, get in the car, drive to the gym, and find the motivation to use the machines and free weights while trying not to look weak and clumsy was paralyzing …

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Are Your Fitness Goals Taking a Back-Seat?

If you’re still searching for a “quick fix” that will magically kick-start your body into perfect form, it’s time to get real. Here are a few tips on how to turn situational health into daily lifestyle strategies that inspire and motivate—and bring this important priority to the top of your list!

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Take the First Step . . .

How many of us, myself included, allow our own fitness goals to take a backseat to what we’re convinced are more important priorities— our job, family, friends, laundry, social media, and (Ug!) TV …

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