Getting Back in Sync

Have you ever felt out of sync with the universe? It’s the sense that something, or everything, isn’t quite right. You might feel edgy, or depressed, or unclear about yourself and the future …

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What Does Your Tomorrow Look Like?

Not an easy question to answer. Yesterday, you didn’t know what today would bring. Yet every day, we make decisions—choices—that will make our tomorrows better, worse, or leave them exactly the same …

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The Calm In the Storm

Recently, my husband and I were getting ready to return home after a weekend business trip. After packing our bags and loading the car for the drive, we decided to check out the free breakfast included with the hotel room. We found the basic “continental” selections—donuts, sweet rolls, and coffee—offered little in healthy choices …

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Fake Hunger

It happens all day long. It might be happening right now. You think you’re hungry, in fact, you’re convinced of it. But you’re probably wrong …
So what can we do when a desperate craving takes us in the direction of toxic food? We can reframe our choices …

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Are You Guilty of Situational Health?

I know I am. But I’m getting better at recognizing the enemy, and more important, learning how to say no to temptation. It’s definitely not easy, like last weekend when I turned down a piece of double-chocolate cake at a neighbor’s birthday party …

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Food Storage Solutions – Solved!

We eat a lot of leftovers in our home. When developing most of my recipes, I usually measure the ingredient portions to make enough for future meals, so it’s important to have a healthy way to save and preserve all those extras. After experimenting with other storage options, I soon discovered one size does not fit all …

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Look For the Thorn

We meet them every day—people who are unhappy, unfriendly, rude, and sometimes, downright mean. Approaching others from a perch of arrogance and entitlement, they view life with a dismal perspective, often living a distorted sense of reality. We tend to avoid these unpleasant souls …

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Sifting Through the Noise

The other day my husband and I were listening to a podcast about transformation. The host and his guest discussed many aspects of how this concept affects our lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There was a lot of ground to cover …

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