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Need a healthy, nutritious meal you can prepare on short notice? Time is of the essence when you have a hungry family. Using simple, natural, organic ingredients, you can serve a delicious, flavor-packed dinner every night of the week!

Chicken and Turkey

Organic Turkey Chili with Beans

Need a healthy, hearty meal for those short-on-time days? Here's a Kitchen Spirit "Reality Recipe" that's big on protein, fiber, and taste! Jill Reid | Kitchen Spirit Every couple of weeks, I make a batch of Organic Turkey Chili with Beans. Why? My husband...

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Green Chili and Feta Chicken

Jill Reid | Kitchen Spirit Green Chili and Feta Chicken Check out this easy and delicious taste-treat. No leftovers - guaranteed! We eat a lot of chicken in our house, so I’m always looking for new ways to prepare this favorite meat. This recipe evolved when some...

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Turkey Enchiladas

Jill Reid | Kitchen Spirit Turkey Enchiladas Switch it up with fresh organic ground turkey in this southwestern classic . . . My husband was born and raised in Arizona near the southern border, so it was no surprise to learn he loved Mexican food. Fortunately, it’s...

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Fish and Seafood

Corvina with Goji Berry Quinoa

Jill Reid | Kitchen Spirit Corvina with Goji Berry Quinoa Looking for a different fresh fish option? I discovered corvina by accident . . . Scanning the cooler cases at a local store for fresh fish options, I noticed most of the labels for the usual favorites (salmon,...

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Baked Cod Fillets

Jill Reid | Kitchen Spirit Baked Cod Fillets It's never been easier to fix a delicious dinner when you're short on time . . .  Looking for interesting and creative ways to introduce the occasional fish option? Here’s a simple-to-follow recipe with just a few...

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Pan-Seared Salmon Fillets

Jill Reid | Kitchen Spirit Pan Seared Salmon Need an easy, protein-packed paleo friendly dinner?   Save Save Save When it comes to fish and seafood, salmon ranks high on the list. Loaded with potassium, protein, and healthy omega-3 fats, this versatile favorite...

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Crusted Tilapia with Veggie Cranberry Rice

Jill Reid | Kitchen Spirit Crusted Tilapia Fillets It's easy to add fish to your dinner menu with this healthy and delicious recipe When it comes to fish, tilapia ranks near the top in our home. The mild, firm flesh maintains its moisture when cooked, and pairs well...

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Healthy Sides

Scalloped Organic White Sweet Potatoes

Our local store began carrying organic white sweet potatoes. I couldn’t wait to try them ... This simple, basic recipe has become a dinner side dish favorite, and the left-overs are fantastic! Re-heated as an addition to any meal or added to...

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Roasted Organic Beets

When I was young, my mother would buy beets at the local store when they were in season. She’d bring them home and put a few aside to preserve, then roast the rest. Frankly, I wasn’t a big fan back then, but I’ve come around . . .

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Goji Berry and Veggie Quinoa

Here's an easy and delicious side dish that cooks up in no time. Better make a large batch! Jill Reid | Kitchen Spirit Recently, I read an article about the healthy benefits of goji berries. After doing a little research, I learned they’re found in the...

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Sweet Potatoes with Almonds and Raisins

Jill Reid | Kitchen Spirit Sweet Potatoes with Almonds and Raisins A gluten-free, paleo friendly Kitchen Spirit Featured Recipe Save Save Sweet potatoes aren’t just for the holidays! This fiber-packed, naturally sweet root vegetable is loaded with vitamins A, B, C,...

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