Self Talk – Are You Listening?

The conversations we have with ourselves are an inherent part of the way we communicate, helping us to better understand our life and those we share it with. At times, it’s a kind of guiding voice, helping to translate the not-so-obvious and often subtle differences between the world as it exists, and the way we personally perceive it. But how much control do we have over our internal conversations? With a little practice, we can motivate ourselves to take positive actions, while strengthening our resolve to avoid choices that can result in negative outcomes.

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Are Your Fitness Goals Taking a Back-Seat?

If you’re still searching for a “quick fix” that will magically kick-start your body into perfect form, it’s time to get real. Here are a few tips on how to turn situational health into daily lifestyle strategies that inspire and motivate—and bring this important priority to the top of your list!

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Why I Stopped Drinking Water from Plastic Bottles

I’d always had a couple cases of bottled water on my weekly shopping list. I used bottled water for everything—cooking, coffee, tea, and of course, for drinking. And while I’d heard about the dangers of BPA, an industrial chemical called bisphenol-A often used to make plastic water bottles, I hadn’t paid much attention to it. But that all changed about eighteen months ago . . .

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Take the First Step . . .

How many of us, myself included, allow our own fitness goals to take a backseat to what we’re convinced are more important priorities— our job, family, friends, laundry, social media, and (Ug!) TV. Why do we allow seemingly urgent, and typically unfulfilling distractions to get in the way of making more important choices about our own health and longevity? Commit to taking the first step . . .

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Five Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

You’ve tried diets, cut back on carbs and sugar, and put in ten miles a week on the treadmill. But for some reason, the pounds just won’t come off. Sure, your legs look great from all that running, but your mid-section refuses to give up a single inch. So what’s wrong? It may have as much to do with how, when, and where you eat as what you eat. Here are the five main reasons you may be unknowingly sabotaging your best efforts to lose weight.

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It’s Easy Being Green . . .

We all know vegetables are good for you, and research tells us to include 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables in our daily diet. Not an easy task in our grab-and-go, pop-and-serve, drive-through lifestyle. And if you have a fussy eater in your house, preparing tasty versions of these health boosters can often be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are lots of choices in the natural food arena to satisfy the most discerning palate. And with a creative blend of spices and ingredients, you’ll discover new ways to bring nutritious veggies to the table—and watch them disappear.

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Food Storage Solutions – Solved!

We eat a lot of leftovers in our home. When developing most of my recipes, I usually measure the ingredient portions to make enough for future meals. I knew I’d have to find a healthy way to save and preserve all those extras. After experimenting with other storage options, I soon discovered one size does not fit all.

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Leftovers Tonight? You Bet!

Ever find yourself short on time or have unexpected guests drop by, right around dinner time? Here’s a meal-planning method that makes for quick, easy lunches or dinners. I call it SMP, or “Strategic Meal Prep.” A step beyond the traditional definition of “leftovers,” SMP is about preparing food for storage, fresh from the oven, stove-top, or mixing bowl, by immediately refrigerating or freezing it, depending on how long before you plan to serve it. Being able to feed your family their favorite meal any hour of the day or night, and portioning entrees for an individual servings or a family of five are just a couple advantages of this time-saving strategy.

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